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The Unexpected Path to Contentment

How Can We Know That a Personal Creator Really Exists?

What is a Genuinely Gospel-Centered Sermon?

How Can a Pastor Have a Genuine Devotional Life When Being a Christian is His Job?

Does Your Repentance Feel Like Death Yet?

Does God Still Perform Miracles?

Warning Signs of Pastoral Burnout

If You Don't Limp, You Shouldn't Lead

Gospel Ontology: How Being Precedes Doing

Subjective Feelings, Objective Truth, and the Importance of a Reliable Compass

Sermon Prep Template

A Model of the Cross-Centered Life: Justification and Sanctification Compared

What Every Child Needs to Hear from a Father

What is Wrong with the World?

Rethinking Volunteerism in the Church

When People Leave the Church We Lead: a 5-Part Coping Strategy

Counseling with the Gospel

Encouragement for Pastors Who Feel Like Their Ministry Isn't Making any Difference

Talking Points for Discussing Sex with Your Children

Help and Hope for the Marriage in Conflict

How to Overcome Pastor Guilt

How Can a Flawed Sinner be an Effective Leader?

How to Slow Down and Live within Limits

Forgiveness: How to Bury the Hatchet

Love Is Not a Reward