Meet Dr. McKay Caston

Hi, my name is McKay. 

After 25 years serving as a pastor in small and large, suburban and rural churches in roles ranging from college and career pastor, to senior pastor and church planter, I have had the undeserved privilege to preach over 800 sermons and write almost 3,000 articles on various subjects related to theology, the Christian life, and pastoral ministry.  With a deep desire to help others come alive to the wonder, beauty, and transforming power of God's grace in Jesus, I launched Mustard Seed Publications as a resource ministry designed to provide individuals and churches with distinctively cross-centered discipleship materials that are biblical, enjoyable, and helpful. 

As a writer, teacher, pastor, preacher, husband, dad, 5w4 introvert, nature lover, and artist wannabe, I’ve been married to my college sweetheart, Kristy, for almost 28 years. We have three children, a 24-year-old writer, a 22-year-old college senior, and a 16-year-old aspiring Broadway singer/actress. 

I went to school for a long time, including four years (and a couple summers) studying history and literature at the University of Mississippi, finishing with a BA (1991).  As much as I enjoyed Ole Miss, my favorite academic years were spent working toward an MDiv (1995) at Covenant Seminary. I enjoyed it so much, I went back for a DMin (2005).  Now I get to be called Dr. Caston, the kind of doctor that my youngest says, “can’t help anybody.”  True that. As a form of poor man's continuing education (with two children attending private college at the time), I completed a PhD in Expository Preaching (2017) from the encouraging folks at Trinity Seminary. While Trinity is not Edinburgh, Aberdeen, or Oxford, they designed an affordable and academically demanding program that helped me hone research skills and writing fluency.  I plan on releasing my dissertation (The Homiletical Implications for Paul’s Use of Logizomai in Romans 6:11 for Preaching Gospel Imperatives) as a more popularly titled book, Sanctifying Grace: How Preaching the Cross Changes Lives. Action step: Pray that I can get it out by June 2020. Thanks. :)  

Enough school stuff.  While letters might look nice on a resume’, no degree can erase the fact that I am a sinner saved by the sheer grace of God through the substitutionary life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Period. As a result of coming alive to this gospel personally, I have a deep desire to magnify the cross of Jesus in all of the blogs, books, small group studies, podcasts, and video resources I create.

When not writing, preparing weekly sermons for Creekstone Church, or spending time with Kristy and my kids, I enjoy exploring the mountains of north Georgia. If you are ever in Dahlonega, look me up. I’d love to grab coffee and hear your story.

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